Absolutely Wild

All pictures on this site taken by us whilst foraging

In Season

[Sea Purslane]

Picking Now: Wood sorrel, douglas-fir, wild mint, ground elder, wild horseradish, sea purslane, sea blite, marsh samphire, rock samphire, arrow grass, wild mushrooms, More

Foraging Courses

[winter chanterelle]

We run foraging courses at most times of the year. These include urban foraging, sea shore foraging and wild mushroom hunting, More

Based in south Hampshire, England we are dedicated to the promotion of quality, fresh, seasonal wild food and local produce.

In the UK foraging is becoming popular, although in the relatively recent past it was common practice in our countryside. Britain is a great larder for wild food and while mushrooms get most of the attention there is excellent wild food to be found along the sea shore and even in the middle of our cities.

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